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German WWII MG13 Maintenance & Spare Parts Set

Price:  $350.00
Item #41120

Original era manufacture. Standard WWII pattern 250 round ammunition can, maker marked and dated, BSW 1938, with an eagle waffenamt next to the carrying handle.

Inside are a number of items for the care and maintenance of the German MG-13, included are the following; magazine loader, combination wrench and hammer, soaking can and flash protector, cleaning brush, spare parts tin with a number of small "extras", wooden handled screw driver and two five round clips of practice ammunition.

All of the components are in sound condition, with many of the items displaying German acceptance markings.

This set represents one of many similar items that we stocked at one time, part of the immense horde of vintage German ordnance material, released by the Portuguese government in the late 1980's. This was a true time capsule, as much of the released material ended up in the UK, and some ended up being imported into the USA.

Nice blue steel finish to the metal components, hand-brushed dark ordnance green paint on the ammo can.

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