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British Victorian Era, Afghanistan Medal 1878-1880, Ali Musjid, 81st Foot

Price:  $375.00
Item #43567

Original era manufacture.  Silver medal for service in Afghanistan 878-1880, with original ribbon and clasp for Ali Musjid. Named on the edge to 12 BDE 600. PTE. J. FRENCH. 81ST FOOT. Silver patina finish.

There is an extensive file on the service of James French, 81st Foot, which is included in the price. Interestingly, there was an error made when the medal was named, his service number was stamped 600, when in fact it should be 690.

The battle of Ali Musjid took place on the 28th of November 1878, when a combined force of British and Indian troops, under the command of General Sir Sam Browne VC, assaulted the hilltop fortress of Ali Musjid in the Khyber Pass.

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