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British 19th Century East Indian Company Naval Sword

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $750.00
Item #25229

Original era manufacture. 28 inch quill back blade with an etched design on each side. Maker marked on the reverse ricasso, H.HART, 26 Pall Mall, London. The blade shows a polished surface with some spots of cleaned corrosion, nothing too deep. Gilded brass guard and lionheaded pommel, one side of the guard folds down. Rampant Lion over a fouled anchor emblem on the guard. Fishskin wrapped grip with triple wire binding. Gilded brass fittings to the original black leather scabbard. The fittings have a deluxe stipled finish and display a matching makers name and address on the reverse of the scabbard throat. The scabbard leather is unbroken and the stitching is farily sound, the blade fits the scabbard properly. All in all a very nice old sword.

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