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Japanese WWII Late Type 30 Bayonet, National Denki, Arrow M Matsushita Kinzoku

Price:  $195.00
Item #42080

Original period manufacture. A very clean, late war example featuring a blue finished blade without fullers, straight guard, flat type bird-head pommel and non-contoured wooden grips.

Most of the original finish remains on the blade, guard and pommel, with original finish to the grips.

The green painted wooden scabbard is bound in two places with steel wire. The surface finish of the wood displays scattered wear and scuffing, however most of the finish is intact.

When drawing the blade from the scabbard this morning to write the description, the scabbard throat decided to come along for the ride. It is a friction fit process, and may have something to do with the dry Arizona air.

The bayonet is a very presentable example of a late war production Type 30, and overall is nicer than the scabbard.   

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