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African Late 19th Century Sudanic Kaskara & Scabbard

Price:  $475.00
Item #42420

Original era manufacture. A large, medieval pattern sword with a wide, double edged, 32.5 inch steel blade, with a central fuller running nearly the entire length up from the guard on each side.

The handmade steel blade shows imperfections in it's making, but is quite sharp and a lethal weapon in the hands of a skilled swordsman. Scattered patches of corrosion and staining to the blade surface as shown.

Crusader-like steel guard with a langet on each side, simple leather wrapped grip, with a circular, leather covered pommel.

The scabbard is nicely done in hardened leather with a decorated aluminum throat and chape. Both leather scabbard suspension loops are present, with the shoulder, or body strap intact.

Swords of this pattern were wielded with great effect by the Ansars of the Mahdi, their incredibly brave onslaughts against the British Square are legendary. Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem in their honor entitled Fuzzy-Wuzzy..." for they broke the British Square".     

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